Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haazinu (Listen Up): A Book of Prophecy by Yerachmiel Ben-Yishye

Review based on ARC.

This is an intellectually stimulating novel exploring religious beliefs and personal philosophies. I have read that some readers have been offended or confused, but I found that if you take the novel as it is presented, and do not impose your own or society's expectations on it, it was an enjoyable read.

It explores several aspects of the jewish faith, of which I have limited exposure, purportedly through a group therapy session for the terminally ill. The interweaving relationships of the men in the therapy group, combined with the riddle they ultimately attempt to solve keeps the novel engaging and the reader thinking.

As usual, I do not wish to spoil any of what the reader will discover, but I recommend to someone who is open minded about religious and philosophical beliefs and who is looking for a "thinker."

THREE of five stars.

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