Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secrets of an Old Typewriter: Stories from a Smart and Sassy Small Town…by Susie Duncan Sexton

Review based on ARC.

I'm feeling nostalgic these days and this book fit in with that mode.  While I could not relate to the time of this book, I did enjoy learning about it.  Sexton's style is easy and conversational, though not as polished as I have become accustomed to.  However, the style of the author - in its somewhat clumsy, completely accessible, old-lady-next-door way, was endearing and comforting.

Coming from a relatively "small town" (not this small) myself, and having been raised to appreciate Soda Jerks and Otis Redding, after spending over a decade out in the real world, this was a welcome saunter down simplicity.

I can understand why many were frustrated with the book.  The plot is less a plot and more a series of memories, the writing style is basic, and the references do not always involve the younger reader in its import.  However, I think if you take the book as a series of conversations with your grandma or neighbor, it becomes enjoyable and sweet.

I recommend.  It will more likely appeal to older readers who can relate to the period and the mentality -- and many younger, more impatient readers will have difficulty staying focused.  But if you're looking for that simple little break, pick it up and read a chapter or two...

(note: I was born in the late 70s)

THREE of five stars.

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