Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Odditorium by Melissa Pritchard

Review based on ARC.

There is no doubt that Ms. Pritchard has a talent with words... However, i feel she is lacking in story and flow.  I have often said that I love a well-written book, but even better, a well-told story.  The conflict is apparent in the Odditorium.

It is clear that she has a poetic and lyrical method to her prose.  But I don't care about the characters, not a single one has been endeared to me, and it feels like a well-written, albeit dry, history book.  One that I know is fiction.

But she's smart.  She is evocative with her language.  She is creative and presents thoughtful and involved perspectives.  I was almost intrigued.  I was almost interested.  I kept wanting to fall into the tales.  But I remained above, reading from an outside perspective.

If you want something literary, intelligent, thoughtful.. pick it up.  If you want to lose yourself in another place, another world... hold off.  You won't lose yourself here -- you will merely be intellectually stimulated.

THREE of five stars.

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