Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Investigation by Philippe Claudel

Review based on ARC.

Yup.  I really liked this one.  So I started reading it, and then kept reading it, and kept reading it, until I was about a third of the way through and realized i was starving.  So we went to go eat.

Then I went home and kept reading it.

And here's where it gets trippy.  Admittedly, I was exhausted... just... so .... tired.  But, see, I kept reading.  And I started questioning reality, and my existence, and WHY is that light so bright... and who's keeping my husband away from me? AM I real?  What's happening?...

and, normally, I'm not that kind of girl... ;)

Then I was interrupted and was not able to finish until the following evening.  Overall, I was very pleased with the book.

And, gosh, what's it about.  It is almost an everyman type of story... the characters are identified by their duties.  And the Investigator is sent to Investigate an unusual circumstance with the Enterprise.  There are, to say the least, obstacles in his efforts to uncover the truth he was sent to investigate.  I think I can safely say, just read it.  I hate spoilers, especially any hints regarding this kind of book.

But I will say, there are the "surreal" aspects that other mention; it's just that it's more than that.  It's an allegory and a warning, and a tale to which many of us can relate.  Plus it's creative and thoughtful.

Interestingly, my break in reading the novel occurs around the same time as the Investigator's.... ah, discovery of sorts.  The tone seemed to shift.  It had a satisfying end.  But it just wasn't perfect.

But I Definitely recommend the book.

FOUR AND A HALF of five stars.

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