Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Slither Sisters (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School Book 2) by Charles Gilman

Fun, fast, and great.

Again, this series is aimed at a younger audience.  Unsurprisingly, middle school would be the perfect age range -- although the writing may be too simple for many middle-schoolers, it will be perfect for others and it has the added benefit of having middle-school protagonists.  But I would recommend as young as 7/8.  Although the topic is monsters and beasts, it's a mildly presented form of monsters and beasts and (I don't think I'm spoiling anything here) the hero always wins. (highlight over if you want to see the not-too-spoiling spoiler).

Robert, his best friend Glenn, and his best ghost friend Karina delve deeper into the mystery of the school and the Tillinghast Mansion in the crossover dimension.

The characters encounter monsters, as expected, and must run from a fate-worse-than-death, as expected.  But this second book offers more background into the story, the mansion, and various characters. Robert, Glenn, and Karina get to know each other and their classmates better, as well as seemingly minor characters who ultimately prove to have a much stronger roles to play.

The Price twins have returned from being missing and, as revealed in the first book, have done so as monsters from Tillinghast, albeit in human form. The heroes never know who to trust - and they must resolve how to save the school despite the fact that any of its teachers, parents, or students could be involved in the Tillinghast plot.  As expected, this book satisfying closes the "chapter," but leaves a solid cliff-hanger for the next book.  (Eagerly awaiting!)

An excellent new series and I highly recommend (particularly so to the appropriate age range).

FOUR and a HALF of five stars.

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