Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Homecoming (Book 2 of the Niceville Trilogy) by Carsten Stroud

a mini-review...
The Homecoming is an excellent 2nd book in the Niceville trilogy.  The book is well-paced, interesting, action-packed, creepy, and multi-layered.  My biggest complaint is with the actions of one of the main characters, Kate.

AS someone who is inclined in the direction Stroud is drawing Kate, I can say definitively that there are lines, that the line(s) was/were crossed, and that it was not realistic that she responded the way she did.  I felt that she was used as a tool in a plot, and that there were other ways Stroud could accomplish what he sought out to accomplish.

I'm being vague here so as not to ruin anything!

But it's not all that important because, even with that weakness, the overall book and plot and characters are great, enjoyable, and recommended!

of 5

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