Sunday, February 22, 2015

2-fer: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Giver by Lois Lowry

First Gone Girl.

At almost a quarter of the way in, there were a few ways this story could go, the way I saw it. I won't say what ways those are because this is a book definitely better enjoyed w/ no spoilers. But I looked up and said to my husband (who already knew how it all played out), if it turns out A, then it's the lamest book ever. If it turns out B, then it's kind of brilliant. If it turns out C or D (or, later, E), then ... it's pretty lame. But maybe it will be okay.

So. Flynn chose B... kind of brilliant ;)
So it's not altogether unpredictable, of course, but it's satisfying'ish. Ish, and that's where it loses a little.  So, the first ... say quarter to third is a little slow and background'y and fine.  Entertaining, but not amazing. Then the next major part of the book is great. I love the psychology Flynn explores and how the people go about their own terrible lives. Then the final bit... like the last 15-20% was a little anti-climactic. I feel like... maybe there were better options with how to deal with all that had happened.  But it was fine. And a good, page-turning read for the weekend. :)  Overall, FOUR of 5 stars.
(As for what the book's about... I'm sure the thousand other reviews on the book can fill you in ;))

Next, The Giver

I finally read The Giver! And I'm SO glad I finally did! What a great little book. It is definitely enjoyable for kids and adults alike. This is sort of like the father of dystopia, and you can see why. (No, it is not really the "father," but is oft referred to as such in quick conversations. :)). It does SUCH a good job the whole "dystopian thing" without adding any weight at all... No unnecessary explanations weighing down the essence of the story.

I just.. I don't want to say anything about the plot because it's so nice discovering it in the book. Just, I would say, read it. I loved it.

FIVE of five stars.

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