Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trespassers by Todd Wynn and Tim Wynn

Book received for free from authors; honest review written in exchange.

I really enjoyed this! Reading this book was, for me, like watching Men In Black. It was sci-fi with a serious enough topic/goal, but also flippant and fun and light.

Let's see... it's about a super secret branch of the government who is charged with keeping, you guessed it, aliens a secret from the rest of the world. And there are a plethora of aliens from which to choose. The problem is, of course, many aliens enjoy visiting Earth -- as a tourist destination in particular. Along w/ these tourists comes the requirement that these aliens be vaccinated and out crops entrepreneurs, striving to provide their customers with jen-you-wine (genuine) vaccinations from live humans. These entrepreneurs are, of course, breaking the law by doing so. Our world has provided the aliens with all the vaccinations they should need -- the richer more demanding visitors, however, prefer the fresher variety.

Thus, we have the trespassers -- aliens entering Earth, generally for a brief amount of time, for the purpose of securing a human, briefly, from which to draw a sample to make a vaccination. The whole story begins with one such trespasser making his attempt, the super secret federal government agency setting a trap, and the not-as-secret agency charged with *finding* aliens (which the super-secret agency ensures they will never do) all converging on one bright and sunny picnic'y spot.

And all kinds of wackyness ensues. Add to the general plot a few alien stowaways who are causing their own trouble on earth, a couple of brand new and eager-to-please members of the (super secret) team, an increasingly more depressed alien-hunter frustrated with his ever close-but-no-cigar hunt, and a couple of love-struck teenagers, one of whom is definitely not what she appears, and you have Trespassers.

A quick read, a fun read, a story that draws you in and holds you until it is good and ready to spit you back out.

FOUR AND A HALF of five stars. Very entertaining sci fi!

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