Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson

Review based on ARC (Advanced Readers Copy received for free in exchange for an honest review).

I just love the way Karlsson views life. This is the second book I've read by him, and I enjoyed this at least as much as the last. Probably more.

The protagonist, a film buff who works at a not-too-busy video store receives an invoice in the mail one day, claiming he owes a lot of money (it is written in terms of kronor, but the exact amount is not necessary to understand). When he inquires further, he discovers that everyone has been billed for essentially their life-enjoyment quotient.

So he embarks upon an investigation (casual, comprised largely of phone calls with an employee of the corporation who has issued the invoices) of how and why his invoice has amounted to what it has.

But what is brilliant about the book is how Karlsson goes about examining how someone's life could be reduced to a monetary figure. It is thoughtful, funny, surprising, and brilliant.

While somehow examining the philosophy of human happiness, Karlsson also manages to be entertaining and somehow brief. I read the small book easily in one sitting.

I just don't want to say anything else because the discoveries in this book are what make the book. But highly recommended to ... everyone? It's such a fast and easy read, I think I'd say yes. Everyone.

FIVE of five stars.

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